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Have you ever wondered why the body doesn’t just heal itself?  What if physical and emotional issues are being locked in due to unresolved issues from early in life, or even from our parents, grandparents and their ancestral lineage.  The study of epigenetic is showing that stresses from our ancestors can be passed down from generation to generation, and can even skip a generation.  Are you ready to move forward, free of the pains of the past?

By accessing the intelligence of the body, Andrea works with clients to help address the underlying causes, releasing stress, allowing us to feel more present and even freeing us from the burdens we carry from the past so the body can then go on to heal itself.

What clients are saying…

My Ancestral Clearing session was very powerful. I feel like it helped me go very deep into my being; into the core of some ancestral wounds. I was able to identify a thought form that I had held onto for a long time, probably for many lives, and release it. After this session, I feel like it has reconstructed my entire consciousness, and I am experiencing a whole new self.

Golbahar Kraichely

Andrea‘s expertise guidance and insight into an ancestral clearing has empowered me to let go of thoughts and emotions that have not served me well and created a lightness to my step that I have been missing in some ways since childhood. I highly recommend her services for anyone willing to let go of what no longer serves them.

Reverend Rory Colgan
Author of Healing Bipolar
15 Qualities for a Healthy Life

If you’re ready to break through some self limiting beliefs, this is your sign! I’ve done group sessions with Andrea and just competed my first one-on-one session over the phone. Every experience I have is so powerful and transformational for your mind and body. Andrea is so intuitive and truly cares for your well being. Highly recommended.

Megan B., Tulsa, OK

This was amazing. I don’t know what I expected, but the outcome was so amazing. Even after one session, weeks ago, I’ve maintained a sense of calm and order to things. I wish I had done it years ago. Andrea is kind and calming. Want to keep her in my pocket!

Casey, Tulsa, OK

Andrea~ I was intrigued by your session/prayer time in my brother-in-law’s hospital room. I thank you immensely for your beautiful heart to do so. It’s astounding what has happened since… massive turnaround!! He’s off the ventilator!! They put a cap on his trach yesterday and he talked for the first time in 10 weeks!!

Tamara, Tulsa, OK

Andrea has such an incredible gift for guiding you through to your personal breakthrough. She makes your progress seem so effortless but it’s so powerful and quick that you look back on the beginning of your session and think, “What was I so worried about? Life’s great.” And, the change continues day, after day in big and little moments. Give it a try. You have everything thing to gain, including the new life you deserve.

A.C., Texas

You have helped me more than I can even begin to tell you… Since you have been working with me, I have not had one nightmare this week. Thank you!

Amanda T., Inola, Oklahoma


Just checking in with you to let you know how much you helped me with the healing session.

During our session, you sensed an issue with my right jaw. I had been experiencing bouts of TMJ due to an injury a year prior. Having almost constant flare ups with pain, had become my reality. Since the session, I haven’t had a flare up! Even while eating food that had been the cause of pain: primarily meat or chewy fruits, candy etc.

I am so grateful to you and wanted you to know how you have improved my quality of life!

Many blessings and love to you,
Nancy L., Coweta, Oklahoma

Andrea’s gentleness and compassion in leading me through this energy transformation is beyond words. She allowed me to feel at my own pace as she guided me through layers of “letting go” past hurts. Each new layer was like a weight being lifted, that I could feel physically. I would highly recommend a session with Andrea to anyone who wants to let go and move forward with this beautiful life.

Ann M., Tulsa, Oklahoma

It was amazing to witness how quickly Andrea was able to reach core issues that needed to be cleared. Prompting replies by asking poignant questions, led to the release of energy I have held onto for quite awhile. I felt this energy leaving from my right shoulder which had felt restricted since a previous surgery. It became clear to me during the session with Andrea that the release was linked to a previous life. I am grateful for the insight and the release this journey brought to me.

Ulla J., Victoria, BC, Canada

I highly recommend Andrea Reed. I have done several sessions with her, and just finished one today, and in 40 mins and she helped clear deep patterns that have affected me for so so so long. I so appreciate what you do and the depth and clarity you are able to go with this amazing work. Thank you Andrea.

Sara L., Phoenix, Arizona

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